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Your Scorpio horoscope shows this is the year of making friends with your neighbourhood. Your Scorpio transits for each decan are also shown.. Mars & Venus For Scorpio ~ Love, Passion & Ambition. Venus retrograde will Saturn square ~ Mar 23 to Jul 1 & Dec 18 to end. Jupiter.

You may have to play referee more than once.

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Single Crab s may find very good hunting this week with good length of bone and excellent returns on promising matches, especially those with Virgo , Pisces , Taurus , Cancer , Scorpio and Capricorn. Read the weekly partner horoscope New friends are likely near the 13th to 16th but most likely spring up out of your career, work, job or coworker pal connections.

Those made do show promising contributions to your career growth and expansion and may be more helpful than they appear on the surface. They say it is not what you know as much as who you know and connections may lye everywhere; you never know who's aunt or uncle they're connected to. While the weight of duty may range from no problem to burdensome it appears that if you accomplish well, even if you use the 13th also, it may add impressive weight to your advancing status.

Any off site work or dealings later on the 16th need even more patience, particularly if money is involved. This week's scenario is highlighted by possible fraud or deceit. You'll be able to achieve your immediate goals if you learn to listen closely to others. Verify your information and obtain written reference material.

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There's no reason to take everything quite so personally. Don't jump to any conclusions right away, allow some time to soften your overall view of things.

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You'll need the time to digest your thoughts and emotions. Patience will be required in order to understand others perspective. Then meditate on ways to improve your routine on the 16th.


Working with friends or colleagues on a humanitarian project brings results around the 12th. The emotional moment makes for magic!

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Conversations with loved ones lead to sweet memories come the 11th. Then you may be called on to give a crucial presentation around the 12th. Communication is the key to success this year, Scorpio! This may mean brainstorming with colleagues and then taking a chance on a bold idea by delivering it to higher-ups.

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Around early January, a full-moon eclipse in your adventure zone will have you itching to expand your horizons. Traveling with your mate or loved ones offers fulfillment. And come early June, a full-moon eclipse in your money zone raises questions about your current work.

You may want to share a fun date idea with your mate on the 13th. Do it: One-on-one time bolsters your bond! Focus on the facts to stay centered.

This week’s sweet planetary energy builds up to a full moon in Aquarius.

On the 11th, a sun-Mercury meetup in your money zone makes it easy to pitch a job proposal. Around the 12th, sharing your deepest emotions with your mate has you feeling even more in sync.


A challenging but crucial talk gets you more in sync. Open up about your desires on the 10th. This week, focus on what you can change, and focus on baby steps, not big leaps. Your feelings may also be churning beneath the surface, the stars say midweek is a good time to truly feel them. Some messy tears and loud feelings are far better than keeping your emotions hidden.

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Trust that the people closest to you can handle these emotions. It may be best to hang back, rather than push an issue or try to lock down commitment. You may see a lot of different groups and people merging or mingling, and it may not be comfortable. The trick this week is to not take anything personally, and not try to control how other people interact.

You can control yourself. A tie between Saturn and Mercury suggests that if you want compromise, you need to ask for it. No is a full sentence. Remember: You deserve help, too, Libra. This week, you truly have the time and space in your life to focus on your SO or your dating life. No plans? Go out on your own; you may meet a special someone. On Friday, a quarter moon in Gemini could solidify a partnership, and may be a great day to go to the next level in terms of commitment. If things feel good, trust that they are good.