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Your Scorpio horoscope shows this is the year of making friends with your neighbourhood. Your Scorpio transits for each decan are also shown.. Mars & Venus For Scorpio ~ Love, Passion & Ambition. Venus retrograde will Saturn square ~ Mar 23 to Jul 1 & Dec 18 to end. Jupiter.

It is obvious that Pakistan has been banking on a combination of an attack across the LoC with large scale violence in the valley to capture Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistanis have learnt the lessons of , and They have since been engaged in a structured, long term politico-military operation. The latest misadventure in was an attempt to alter equation at the geostrategic level with the purpose of dominating Tartuk, Batalik, Drass, Kargil and Mushkoh axis. This was aimed, first at neutralising our strategic position on the Siachen heights.

Secondly to interdict our communications with Ladakh. Thirdly to position themselves to have access to the Kashmir valley. Lastly, and most importantly, to shift the alignment of the LoC further east into the Indian territory. The political motivation was to refocus attention, particularly the attention of the major powers, on the Kashmir issue. This became all the more imperative in the face of India walking away with the initiative resulting out of the Indo-Pak discussions as manifested in the Lahore declaration.

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Pakistan just could not let the Kashmir issue fade away from international consciousness. The only way they could revive it was by creating significant violent development in the area. However, the carefully laid plans of Pakistan to wage a low intensity war and forcibly alter the LoC perceiving a weak, defeated government in India, came unstuck in the face of a determined military response and a sustained diplomatic initiative.

India has Venus Mahadasha Vimshottari operating, which commenced in September Venus is the lagna lord and the sixth lord posited in the third house. The Antardasha of Jupiter commenced on the 9th of November and continues till the 10th of July Jupiter is the eighth and eleventh lord posited in the inimical sign Libra in the sixth house.

Jupiter, therefore, becomes a malefic on account of its lordship and is posited in the Ripu bhava, although the eighth lord placed in the sixth house does give rise to a Vipareeta Raja Yoga. For this yoga to operate the situation needs to necessarily turn adverse to begin with. Out of the adversity an improvement should be emerging as per the definition of the yoga. In the navamsha Jupiter is in Taurus, again an inimical sign, in the third house.

Cancer dasha is for a period of twelve years starting 15th August Pisces is the eleventh house of gains to the nation. From Pisces the multitude of planetary energies are posited in the fifth house Cancer, aspecting the seventh house Scorpio, the tenth house Aquarius and the lagna Taurus. The focus and energies of the government will remain diverted to the relationship with the neighbours considering that the first, third, seventh, tenth and eleventh houses are being activated.

The lagna is chara or movable indicating instability. Lagna lord is Mars, therefore imparting an inherent aggressiveness to the basic character. The Moon and Mars form the Chandra-Mangala yoga in the third house making for ever active attempts at attaining the goal, right or wrong, using means that may not be fair or justified.

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The conglomeration of four planets in Cancer, fourth house, consists of the fifth lord Sun, third and sixth lord Mercury, second and seventh lord Venus and the tenth and eleventh lord Saturn. The fourth lord Moon is posited in the third, in the twelfth from its house, further compounding 7 Moon Ketu the problems. An exchange between Mercury and the Moon as such is not considered to be comfortable.

The navamsha ascendant is Libra, again a movable sign.

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The fact that the ascendants of both the natal as well as the navamsha chart are movable may not portend well, considering that it is a matter pertaining to a nation. In the navamsha, Venus having the eighth lordship is posited in the fourth house with Saturn. The Moon, the fourth lord of the natal chart, goes to the sixth house of the navamsha. The AK and AmK are in the sixth and the eighth houses of the navamsha, while in the Dashamsha they are in the second and the eighth house respectively.

Though the mutual Jaimini aspect exists the Raja-yoga is inferior and weak.

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For Pakistan the Vimshottari Mahadasha of Ketu commenced on 25th of December for a period of seven years. Ketu is posited in the sign Scorpio in the eighth house and is unaspected. The situation is akin to the lagna lord being posited in the eighth house. The antardasha is that of Venus running from 24th of May till 24th of July Venus is a poorna maraka for Pakistan having the second and seventh lordships.

It is worth a mention that in at the time of the creation of Bangladesh, which was akin to a partial death for Pakistan, the antardasha was that of Venus. So devastating was the defeat that they have had to refrain from any misadventure for over two and a half decades. The scribe has dealt with these at length in the previous issue of Vedic Astrology of January-February volume 6 number 1. Readers are referred to the same for details.

For the sake of brevity and in order to avoid repetition we restrict ourselves to the conclusion therefrom. Suffice it to say that the period of reckoning will be at hand with the commencement of the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada chart on the 13th of April , if not a few weeks earlier. For Pakistan a change in government is on the cards. The transition may not be smooth and peaceful. Keep in mind that the takeover will be from a military regime. The new regime may well be having a more fundamentalist outlook, something like the Taliban possibly.

This may well be the required trigger or the proverbial last straw for the war to commence. With the exception of the eighth and eleventh lord Jupiter who will be in Gemini and Ketu who has to be opposite Rahu in Scorpio, the remaining planets including the two luminaries come together in Taurus.

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All the astrological indications point to a decisive result emerging as a result of the war that takes place, possibly solving the paradox that has been dogging the Indian subcontinent for well over half a century, namely the Kashmir problem. It is tempting to build a possible chain of events based on the planetary play described above though it is not a part of astrology to establish a corresponding relationship.

Please bear in mind that in so doing a certain element of subjectivity is bound to creep in. The possibility of USA becoming disillusioned with Pakistan is writ large and, therefore, cannot be ignored. The most likely scenario for an immediate reversal of view could well be the confirmation of the presence in Pakistan of Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar. In this backdrop the inability of the present regime in Pakistan to deliver is one possibility. In the alternative President Musharraf already having been replaced with another regime having sympathies 5 6 3 12 2 Sun Moon Jupiter firmly grounded elsewhere is yet another option leading to a similar result.

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This is bound to make the US task of cleaning the region of terrorism far more difficult. The main adversaries that the US and the global alliance face are not only the remnants of AlQaida and Taliban, but also their mentors and supporters in the Pakistani ISI, the government as well as the political parties. It also highlights the fact that the main battle ground against terrorism is Pakistan. A bitter truth that is bound to sink in, bringing US closer than ever to India, making the cause common and appreciative of the need to, once and for all, solve the problem.

Whatever be the final contours, the period from April onwards carries in its womb the possible solution. Linda Johnsen Since September 11, , a new chart has captured the attention of many astrologers in the U. This chart, proposed by American-born Vedic astrologer James Kelleher back in , is based on the approximate time given by founding father Thomas Jefferson for the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It caused a sensation at the November Symposium convened by the American College of Vedic Astrology, and is being featured in the February issue of The Mountain Astrologer, the leading American astrology magazine.

In Kelleher was approached by a wealthy businessman who wanted to understand the U. He offered to pay Kelleher his usually hourly fee, for months if necessary, until Kelleher could determine an accurate birth time for the U. Kelleher spent the summer at the University of Washington reading U. Then Kelleher drew up the chart for a little later in the evening, p.

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This gave a lagna of 8 degrees Sagittarius in the sidereal zodiac. To his astonishment, the whole of American history fell neatly into place. Later Kelleher found a letter by Thomas Jefferson confirming that the Declaration of Independence had been signed in the early evening. Here is an overview of the dashas Kelleher discovered for the 20th century. Jupiter dasha started late September Western astrologers trying to delineate the horrendous events of that day found themselves grappling with the embarrassing fact that there is no agreement about what horoscope to use for the United States of America.

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More than a dozen different charts have been suggested over the years, each with its own passionate advocates. Perhaps the best known chart is for July 4, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the Declaration of Independence was signed by the U. The American war of independence had actually begun on April 19, with the Battle of Lexington. It gives a tropical Ascendant of about 8 degrees Gemini. Many of the Indian astrologers who use this chart are unaware that it has no historical basis and has largely fallen out of favor with Western astrologers.

It is timed for around in the morning, when the founding fathers were still asleep in bed! This popular chart may not have been invented till as late as the 19th century, when astrologers thinking they were rectifying the chart of a revolution, simply adjusted the chart for July 4 so that Uranus the planet signifying revolutionary changes in Western astrology appeared on the Ascendant. Linda Johnsen, M. It was rectified by Ebenezer Sibley, a British Freemason, for about p. July 4, , Philadelphia which gives about 12 degrees Sagittarius rising in the tropical zodiac. Note that on September 11, , Pluto, the planet which signifies traumatic transformation for Western astrologers, was transiting 12 degrees Sagittarius tropically.

One of the most widely used U.

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Sun in tropical Scorpio. Its champion, David Solte, argues that July 4, is not an appropriate beginning date for the U. Only with the signing of the Articles of Confederation in York, Pennsylvania on November 15, around to p. Other proposed U. Saturn dasha started late September In October , the U. Note that the attack on Pearl Harbor and the U. The Moon is the 8th lord, and is above all the planet of crisis in this U. Mercury dasha started late September Mercury as karaka for communications and for business asserted itself strongly during this period. Telephones and televisions entered almost every American home at this time, tying the country together as never before, while American business flourished.

Mercury is in the 8th house, seeing the beginning of the Cold War and numerous covert activities on the part of the U.